Monday, July 20, 2009

David Lynch's Interview Project

DAVID LYNCH PRESENTS INTERVIEW PROJECT from interview project on Vimeo.

What is David Lynch's "Interview Project"? In the video above, which is playing at his web site, Lynch gets right down to it: "What is Interview Project?" he asks, rhetorically. "Interview Project is, a, uhh...." That's our David--second takes are for pygmies.

It turns out that Interview Project is the fruit of "a 20,000-mile road trip over seventy days, across and back the United States." Over the course of this trip, "the team" conducted interviews with people they happened to meet along the way--enough of them to produce a promised 120 episodes. "It's so fascinating to look at and listen to people," Lynch says, hitting the word "people" with so much stress as to almost appear defensive, as if just before filming the spot, somebody had told him that what's really fascinating is to look at and listen to gila monsters. But no doubt anyone who David Lynch spots through his car window and feels a pressing need to interview can hold his own with the most charismatic member of any rival species. The episodes begin appearing online June 1; you can go to Lynch's site and register for an email reminder.

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